Tuesday, August 29, 2006

What'sOnMyBookshelf? Beta

Now this is quite an interesting concept.


It's a website for book-swapping. On first impressions it looks like a very simplistic book club (granted, it's still in beta) but if you read the details, you’ll find out that it’s quite a different concept. What happens here is you put up your old (or shall we say pre-owned) books, and people can borrow your books, and similarly you can borrows books from others.

It works on a points system, their FAQ explains it clearly, including the important bits about paying for shipping and handling. Just like any site dealing in online transactions of pre-owned stuff like eBay, a degree of trust is expected from the users.

It is interesting to note that the site encourages users to put back up exchanged books that you have finished reading.

Like I said, very interesting thing concept, although at the moment, they haven’t really started to build the user and book database, so there isn’t much to choose from. A site like this would probably work in the US, and not here in Malaysia due to a few reasons. Lack of interest in reading, being one.

Anyway, will probably check back on the website, in a few months time and see the progress.


Blogger Fashionasia said...

ok i know this is not related to the post but...
besides IKEA...
where on earth can we find a decent bookshelf??! and not expensive wan too...preferably with glassdoor casing..

ya..i know....probably custome make them rite?

12:40 pm  
Anonymous simon said...

my friend got his custom made at that LDP furniture mall, quite good...

11:44 am  
Blogger Fashionasia said...

OoooOo....okay...shall try dat wan...TQ

12:20 pm  
Anonymous sulz said...

a more popular one is http://www.bookmooch.com/ which has the same concept.

5:54 pm  
Blogger Simon said...

that's a good one. checking it out now.

8:36 pm  

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