Thursday, November 02, 2006

Five Books Every Geek Should Read

Suicide Girls' Geek blog has an entry by Wil Wheaton listing the top 5 Books Every Geek Should Read. Very interesting. According to him:

Long before we wrote our blogs, long before we argued about the finer points of
the Prime Directive on UseNet, even before we nervously waited for ASCII porn to
download at 300 baud from Fidonet, geeks buried our faces in books.

Maybe it's because we were easily bored by television and movies (or
without the Internet to facilitate arguing about them) or maybe it's because we
were less likely to be tormented by a cool kid if we kept our faces safely
buried in the pages of some novel, but books are important to every geek I know.
We all have huge libraries of well-worn novels, often fighting for shelf-space
with our action figures.

Anyways, i scored really bad, out of all five, i scored only half, having half finished my brother's copy of Hitchhiker as a kid. I guess I'm not a geek, then...

I, Robot
Author: Isaac Asimov
Published: 1950

Author: William Gibson
Published: 1984

Author: Larry Niven
Published: 1970

The Hacker Crackdown
Author: Bruce Sterling
Published: 1992

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Author: Douglas Adams
Published: 1979


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